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Summit County Health Permits

Permanent Food Establishments and Restaurants

If you are planning to open your own Food Service Establishment there are applications and information you will need. The New Food Establishment Requirements and New Restaurant Information will explain the procedure and facilities needed for obtaining approval of your Food Service Establishment Permit in Summit County.

To apply for a new permit, permanent facilities will need to complete the Permanent Facility application. Seasonal, permanent establishments will need to complete the Seasonal Permanent application.

Permit Renewals

To renew a Food Service Permit, after receiving a request for renewal, you can login to view your permit and complete the renewal process online here.

Temporary Food Establishments

Temporary food establishments are those which serve food seasonally or intermittently or at events such as fairs, farmer’s markets, bake sales etc...

Complete the Seasonal Temporary Facility permit application if your establishment is a temporary structure. Complete the Single Event permit application if your establishment will be operating at a single event. Complete the Seasonal Event permit application if your establishment will be operating at a multiple-day event of six days or more.

Health Permit Applications

Permits can be completed online. Choose the permit appropriate for your establishment. Read about the application process.

Food Operations

Other Permits

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